A telephone referral line available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, can be used to recommend a donor at any time. Simply call: 1 888 366-7338.

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Procedure to recommend a potential donor

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NEW Pilot Project — Potential donor recommendations by Héma-Québec's specialized experts

Héma-Québec has launched a new partnership project with some of the province's general and specialized care facilities to support them in recommending potential donors. The goal is to target the human tissue donors of interest who best meet Quebec’s transplant needs and to ensure their management through Héma-Québec's increased on-site support.

This new recommendation model, which is now in the testing phase, will allow Héma-Québec to assign a full-time resource to general and specialized care facilities to provide ongoing support to the health professionals. This new model tends to positively transform the role of health professionals by reducing their workload.

This close collaboration ensures prompt access to human tissues, maximizing their transplant potential. This new approach to development will be tested via a pilot project over the next few years. Based on the test results, the plan is to expand this type of partnership to a wider audience.