Audrey-Leatitia donated 4x

Donor Qualification

Child birth/Breast-feeding/Pregnancy

Yes, if birth occurred more than 6 months ago.


  • You cannot give blood if you are pregnant.
  • You can give blood if you are breastfeeding, provided birth occurred more than 6 months ago.

Note: You may be accompanied by an adult at a collection site.

We strongly recommend that a donor with a young child come with a companion (unless a daycare service is provided by the organizing committee at the blood drive site). The person accompanying the donor can care for the child during registration and the meeting with the nurse or blood drive agent. These steps require the parent’s concentration and are where confidential questions are asked.

While less than 5% of donations cause adverse effects, Héma-Québec must take into consideration potential risks to the safety of donors. In exceptional cases in which a problem arises, the companion can care for or supervise the child.

For more information about a specific situation, please contact Donor Services at 1 800 847-2525.

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