Press Releases

  • Health Canada Advises Héma-Québec to put a Hold on Specific Blood Products

    MONTREAL, QUEBEC, December 18, 1998

    Health Canada has advised Héma-Québec to put a hold on specific blood products supplied by Bayer Corporation. Health Canada and the United States Food and Drug Administration are investigating information related to a U.S. plasma donor who contributed to these plasma products. This donor has been tentatively diagnosed with the classic form (not the new variant) of Creutzfeldt-Jacob Disease (CJD). Currently there is no epidemiological evidence that CJD is transmitted through blood.

  • A Perfect Score For Héma-Québec's Montréal Centre

    MONTREAL, QUEBEC, November 25, 1998

    Health Canada's Bureau of Biologics and Radiopharmaceuticals (BBR) issued no comments following an inspection of HÉMA-QUÉBEC'S blood collection and treatment centre in Montreal. This is the best possible score for a blood products manufacturer. The inspection, held on October 4, covered the period during which the Québec blood system was transferred from the Canadian Red Cross to HÉMA-QUÉBEC.

  • Héma-Québec launches a complete blood filtration program

    MONTREAL, QUEBEC, November 3, 1998

    HÉMA-QUÉBEC announced today that it is launching a blood filtration program to extract white blood cells from donated blood prior to storage. This process is called leukoreduction. The purpose is to remove most of the white cells (leucocytes) from blood used for transfusions. Platelet concentrates distributed to hospitals have been filtered since February.

  • Héma-Québec officially begins operations

    SAINT-LAURENT, September 28, 1998

    HÉMA-QUÉBEC, Québec's new supplier of blood, begins its activities today, with the conclusion of an agreement with the Red Cross to transfer the blood supply program.

  • Québec Cabinet Approves the Agreement on the Transfer of Red Cross Assets to Héma-Québec

    SAINT-LAURENT, QUEBEC, July 23, 1998

    The Québec cabinet recently approved the agreement for the transfer of the Red Cross blood program in Québec to HÉMA-QUÉBEC. This is an important step in the setting up of the province's new supplier of blood and blood products, which will begin operations on September 1, 1998.

  • Bill 438 Passed: On September 1, 1998 Héma-Québec will become Quebecker's blood agency

    VILLE ST. LAURENT, QUEBEC, June 22, 1998

    In passing Bill 438, the Québec National Assembly has confirmed HÉMA-QUÉBEC's status as Quebeckers' blood supplier. Beginning September 1, 1998, HÉMA-QUÉBEC will provide the people of the province with blood and blood products. It will be in charge of recruiting donors, organizing blood donor clinics, as well as analysing and preparing blood products, and delivering them to Québec hospitals.

  • Canadian Red Cross signs letter of intent to transfer blood services Employees to new blood agencies

    OTTAWA, ONTARIO, May 20, 1998

    The Canadian Red Cross and governments reached an important understanding today, with the signing of the first in a series of letters of intent that will shape Canada's new blood system. The letter of intent signed by negotiators representing the Red Cross and the federal, provincial, territorial and Québec governments clarifies the terms of transfer for Red Cross Blood Services employees who will join the staff of the new Canadian Blood Services (CBS) and its Québec equivalent, HÉMA-QUÉBEC.

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